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Ms. Amber (Amber Voeller)

Founder & Teaching Artist

Hello my name is Amber Voeller, I am an actress, singer, performer and owner of Playhouse Studio L.L.C. I trained at Huntington University School of Arts to receive my Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance. When I'm not on stage, I have been teaching young artists throughout the world in person and online. Though I've had a passion for performing since I could talk, I have a true passion for teaching theatre arts! I have taught overseas, American theatre companies, and after-school programs to hopefully keep spreading the positive benefits of participating in the performing arts.

Ms. Laura

Singing, Acting and Audition Coaching for Kids!



Mr. Alex

Acting, Shakespeare, Audition Coaching

Mr. Alex focuses specifically on acting and audition preparation, having received his undergraduate in Theater Performance and Philosophy. Mr. Alex focuses on the student’s emotional process and journey, giving them the freedom to explore and highlight the deeper story being told. He loves to cook, play Dungeons & Dragons, and is currently in the process of receiving his MFA in Acting.

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