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1:1 Singing Lessons, Acting Lessons, and Audition Coaching


"Creating a safe space for Young Artist"


Voice lessons are for students hoping to improve their vocal technique. Our voice teachers are well trained and ready to help your student understand proper breath support, vocal placement, vocal anatomy, beginning music theory, and more.

Though Playhouse Studio instills these good practices for our students, we don't forget the first rule of all classes... HAVE FUN! 

We always include fun and engaging materials for the students to choose from, so they are a part of their learning process. 



"Acting is Not Faking, It's Based in Truth"

Our definition of Acting is, "Acting is pretending to play a character and to portray their emotions in certain circumstances."

 At Playhouse Studio we use this definition as the starting point to building strong young actors. Private acting lessons include monologue work, voice and diction techniques, connection with breath and emotion, character analysis, and sometimes just plain old silliness. If your student is wanting to take their next steps into the acting world this is a great option!


"Young Minds are Capable of Anything if Someone Believes in Them"

Does your student have an upcoming audition for their school play? What about Choir solo tryout? Class presentation on a poem reading? Want to prepare a song for your family's holiday party? We have truly heard it all! 

Whatever your student wants to prepare that is performance-based, Playhouse Studio is ready to meet and work with your kiddo!



My 13 year old loved the class so much we are signing up for weekly lessons! I was worried how singing lessons on Zoom would work out but it was actually really smooth. Highly recommend!


My daughter came out of this lesson glowing and very excited for her audition. Highly recommend!!!


Ms. Amber helped my daughter improve her audition a thousandfold for a Musical Theater class. Regardless of the role outcome, its mission accomplished. She was so excited and had so much fun singing and acting in her audition. We highly recommend!


Loved the first lesson! Will be booking more with Ms. Amber who was so kind and patient with our nine year old.


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